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Much more than just a platform for promoting relationships among leaders in education, Bett EDUP was designed to provide participants with content and experiences that contribute to broadening horizons in educational and business plans, improving the quality of education offered, engagement, learning and education, management efficiency.

Visita à escolaWe understand that today's schools defines themselves as institutions that are always learning and connected to the "outside world". This is the perception that guides the whole dynamics of the event: taking as a reference the presentation of national and international cases of success, the event is developed to enable experiences, encourage discussions, exchange opinions and inspiration to leaders of private schools of different insertions, sizes, regions, guidelines, etc. More than an event with audience, we are building an event by and for the participants.

The event expresses our commitment to the growth of private education, especially in increasing its importance in overcoming the difficulties that we face today in Brazil, either for the role of direct training of our children and young people, or that of inducing change, or even a partner in the transformation of public education in the country.

The Bett EDUP - Private Education Leadership Forum, focused on the strategic management of private schools, received excellent evaluations from the 500 participants who pointed out the high quality of the topics and the debaters.


The 2018 Bett Edup schedule will be available soon.

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