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Congress 2019

Building the Education that Brazil Needs


Congresso 2018

Building the Education that Brazil Needs” will be the theme of the Congress Bett Educar 2019.

We will discuss the main challenges faced by the education sector. This is a moment of transformation, where attending professors and administrators will have the unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge and exchange experiences with renowned professionals in the sector. This year we’ll have five central axes: BNCC and High School Reform, Teacher Training, Inclusion, Classroom Practices, and Management.

Check out some of the featured macro-themes: 

- Administration of a School for the Modern Age
- Learning and Neuroscience 
- STEM - the challenge of attracting and educating students about natural sciences
- Computational Thinking, Technology, and Digital Culture in Elementary Education Curricula

Congress 2019

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Congress 2019

Leadership Forum´s

Fórum de GetoresBett Educar 2019 Leadership Forum´s mission is to contribute to the improvement of quality in education, having innovation and the appropriate use of technological solutions as key strategies for educational transformation in the country.

As the first year of the new government in the country, 2019 will bring significant changes to public policies. As an example, a more structured and stronger participation of the private sector is likely to happen at both Basic and Higher Education, which defines the theme as a key discussion to be carried among authorities and specialists, highlighting its impacts and implications for the policies and educational practices.

Other strategic topics for education in Brazil will compose the agenda, including political and economic issues, funding, legal and regulation aspects, as well as the digital transformation of institutions and the adapting process of teaching and learning for today´s and future´s world.

Besides discussing policies and major trends, we will present emblematic transformations cases of institutions that have adapted their education models to our current days, and boldly build the future.

Some of the confirmed sessions:

  • Brazil: economic scenarios, perspectives and opportunities at education sector. Ricardo Amorin
  • Education in Brazil: the boundaries between public and private sectors.
  • Labor Reform: Challenges and opportunities for education institutions.
  • Challenges for a deeper integration of higher education and labor market
  • Online education:  management of remote units.
  • New learning spaces: the transformation path at schools and higher education institutions.
  • Digital Security: an ever growing challenge for schools and higher education institutions?


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