Bett Educar 2017 EN - Fairguide Warning
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Fairguide Warning

Expo-Guide and claim to provide services to exhibitors at events. Both companies use a misleading form, which resembles an organiser’s Free Catalogue Listing Service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an on-line directory.  Doing so contracts the purchaser into the three-year, non-retractable agreement.  Non-payment is then followed by aggressive debt collecting by Premium Recovery.

They are not an official supplier of Bett Brasil Educar nor of any exhibition organised by i2i Events Group. If you are contacted by this company and if they claim to be working with any of our shows, we would suggest that you do not progress the conversation any further, and that you contact us immediately to inform us of the approach.
You can find further information about Expo-Guide and on the Association of Event Organiser’s website.
Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.