Bett Educar 2017 EN - FAQs
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General information

1. Is admission free for visitation at Bett Brasil and Educar?

Admission to the fair is free.

2. How do I register?

Access our online purchase system and register.

3. Who will benefit from the event?

If you are an education professional, come to Bett Educar to discover with the various exhibitors from all over the globe the innovations to improve the education of your region.

Schools: Visitors can find products, resources and management tools for classroom use.

Higher Education: Visitors can find management tools, products and resources for use in classrooms, library and for distance learning.

4. Can I bring children to the Fair?

Unfortunately under 18 are not allowed to visit the event. (Children may work in booths if the exhibitor has the appropriate permission and documents).

5. Can students visit the event?

It will not be allowed the entrance of caravans of high school students, depending on the profile of the event.

Localização, viagem e hospedagem

1. Where will the event take place?

Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Rodovia dos Imigrantes,

Km 1,5 - São Paulo-SP

Located at the Rodovia dos Imigrantes, at an easy access point for those arriving by subway, car or plane - since it is close to Jabaquara Station, Bandeirantes Highway and Congonhas Airport - São Paulo Expo is one of the most modern spaces for Events in Latin America.

With 240 thousand square meters of total area, it houses three pavilions equipped to receive all types of fairs, conventions and exhibitions. This is possible because the site has modular areas with architectural and technological resources to guarantee different types of facilities, offers paved parking for up to five thousand vehicles.

2. How can I get to the fair?

METRO: Disembark at Jabaquara station. There the vehicles contracted by the organization will make the transfer of every 30 minutes with pre-established schedules. Please check at the exit of the Terminal for the stop signs of this transfer.

TAXI: Imigrantes Highway 1,5KM. Approximate time from Congonhas airport from 20 to 30 minutes and from Guarulhos airport from 1h to 2h.

CAR: Direction Centro-Imigrantes observe on the highway to your right the exit of the return to the opposite side of the track where is the Immigrants.

3. Where can I park?

São Paulo Expo has paved parking for up to five thousand vehicles. Check the price list.

4. Where can I stay?

Check out the Hosting Options page for a list of hotels that will be prepared to welcome visitors to Bett Brasil e Educar.

5. How do I get tickets and / or inform myself about other hotels?

Click here and get to know Via HG, the official event travel agency that will help you find the best options.



1. How many exhibitors participated in the event in 2016?

More than 200 exhibitors with products and services from various segments of education such as learning, special education, financial, publishers, educational games, among others.

2. Who will be on display this year?

Click here to see the complete list of exhibitors.

3. Can my company expose?

Click here to request information about the exhibition.

Visiting and Congress

1. What is the theme of the Congress in 2017?

The central theme of the 2017 Congress is "Innovation: New Horizons for Education"

In all, 165 activities are scheduled in 9 simultaneous auditoriums with representatives of great relevance of the educational scenario of Brazil and abroad.

By signing up for the event, the congressman will have the opportunity to participate in the Bett program and to know up close the largest meeting of educational technology in the country without additional costs.

To watch the activities of the Congress consult prices by clicking here.

2. What are the opening and closing times of the simultaneous events?

Day 10/05 - 9am to 7pm

Day 11/05 - 9am to 7pm

Day 12/05 - 9am to 7pm

Day 13/05 - 9am to 6pm


Day 10/05 - from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Opening Ceremony:

Day 10/05 - from 12:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


1. Will event location have lockers?

Yes, soon more information about prices.

2. How can I find out more about São Paulo?

Visit the "Visit São Paulo" site and find the main events that happen in the city, as well as a variety of restaurants and other activities available to do in the largest city in Latin America.

3. How do I get material for the event?

The materials for the event are available on the event's official website.

4. Can I use my camera during my visit to the fair?

The public may use a camera during the fair.

5. Does the event have a food court?

Yes, we have a food court with various options available.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us by email: