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The Bett Brasil Educar 2017 Congress has news

In order to always contribute, and increasingly, to the quality of education, the Bett Educar Congress dares and innovates in 2017. It is organized in such a way as to give educators who participate in it more than an information opportunity, a Possibility of training.

To do so, the activities are structured according to themes, in order to allow the participants to know different aspects, approaches, points of view and practices about each of them. Our goal is for the educator to leave the congress, and bring to your school, at least one idea to put it into practice. Therefore, the contents are structured in blocks, each with two activities on the same theme.

The congressmen will be able to choose them, according to their interest.

We hope the changes meet the requests and needs of everyone!

And, we promise to learn, together with you, every year, to always have a better congress!

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